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All the utilities respect the following principles :

    Answer a basic question, few screens, a minimum of seizure.

You will find below the list of the utilities which we propose for 2 contexts : Apple & Android.


News at the end of 2020 : We are focused on the Internet migration of all these utilities,

So for a very low contribution, you can use them with a browser iPhone iPad Android PC and Mac


The first of these migrations is a 'Internet cellar book'.

It allows to :

    - Simply choose the wine for your next meal

    - Never forget to open wines from your cellar

    - Respect the principle of minimum clicks and screens.

iPhone/iPad AppsWe notice that the Apple environment is at present for us too much forcing financially.
So, we decided that the iPhone / iPad current applications will not evolve any more, as long as we do not obtain finance to boost them.
Conscious of the disappointment of thousand users who follow us since 2012, we look for a technical solution to assure them, a continuity of services provided.
PratikFreezer It answers the question : In my freezer, have I the food I wish for my next meal ?
So from its opening, it presents a research screen to qualify the research food, and its localization.
Rows Motifs It allows you to follow the accounts/discounts of rows (or motifs) of 3 patterns in hook, knitting, crocheting, amigurimi, embroidery, weaving, ...
Slide your finger on the screen
to display the accounts or discounts of the patterns that you make at the same time
PratikAmigurumi Santa Claus by AK It assists you in the manufacturing of a decoration for your Christmas tree : a Santa Claus with his red hat.
All screens are in large characters, to make easy to read on iPhone/iPad, at the same time as you make your patterns.
Every pattern are presented with a table of details working cells

Android AppsWe gradually plan to translate all iPhone/iPad apps to Android context, less financing forcing for us.
We shall do a particular attention to propose a recovery of the data (especially for PratikFreezer).
If you choose this context, we thank you for following us
Counter Rows Motifs Amigurumi
( Our first App on Google play )
Allow to follow the counting of Rows and Motifs
of 5 patterns in amigurumi, tricot, crochet, broderie, tissage, macramé, rocaille, fourche.
Benefits :
    - His very big figures and buttons are practical to count
        during the creation of your pattern,
    - No more loss of the paper
        which memorizes the progress of your patterns,
        You find your progress
        at every opening of the app.
PratikCellar - Wines Cellar Book - Android
PratikCellar has for objective to snswer the question:
Which wine from my cellar, will I open for my next meal?
So it asks from its opening:
   • Choose a wine color
   • Choose a simple selection criterion:
         - All wines from the winery
         - Those who can be drink now
         - Those who must be drink at first
         - Those who have to wait to be drink
         - Those whose file is archived then,
to presents the list of wines, with simplified cells and,if need, displays the detailed cards

Avantages :
    • Little things to do to find a wine
    • Few seizures to reference a wine
        only the name is mandatory
    • The cellar book is really saved
    • A panel of testers will validate the evolutions

PratikFreezer Android It answers the question : In my freezer, have I the food I wish for my next meal ?
So from its opening, it presents a research screen to identify the research food, and its localization.

For free, it is possible to discover the food management of PratikCongelo, with the demonstration version:
Management of up to 8 foods in a single, unmodifiable freezer
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GR05   (PratikCongelo/ Ipad) Bonjour, l'application est installé sur un Ipad, et aujourd'hui j'ai eu un petit soucis : Toutes mes saisies ont disparues. J'ai contacté John Barbier par mail à 10h26, il m'a répondu à 11h50 ! Je le remercie vivement de m'avoir expliqué la marche à suivre. Bravo M. Barbier pour votre application et votre réactivité ! 26/05/2020 17h16
Vds68   (PratikCongelo / ipad) Bonjour, je viens de saisir tout le contenu de mon congelateur et j?ai malheureusement cliquer sur archiver liste pensant sauvegarder mon travail. Problème je ne retrouve plus ma saisie, tout est vide. Ou es passé le contenu de mon congelateur ? Peut on revenir en arrière ? Merci pour vos réponses. Cordialement. Caroline. 24/03/2020 14h56
Vero   (PratikCongelo) Bonjour nous avons acheté l'application l'année dernière et nous l'avons installé sur le iPhone de mon mari aujourd'hui je voudrai que cette application soit disponible sur mon iPhone. comment doit on faire ? En plus de notre demande sur ce site, nous avons contacté John Barbier par mail. Nous le remercions pour nous avoir répondu rapidement. 23/05/2018 17h35
Mirenxu   (PratikCongelo) Après avoir lu attentivement les avis des uns et des autres j'étais dubitative; pourtant je dois avouer que l'appli est plutôt sympa et me convient bien. Seul Bémol, je trouve, y a pas d'effacement automatique des produits rendus à zéro... et on peut pas ajouter de photos pour les genres, mais ca sera peut être l'objet d'une prochaine maj... donc concretement appli plutôt efficasse 10/12/2017 20h14
Sophie T   (Rangs Motifs) Exactement ce qu'on cherchait. On est plusieurs de notre club d'Amigurumi à utiliser l'application. Très gros chiffres et très gros boutons. Maintenant on perd jamais l'avancement de nos ouvrages. Merci 06/03/2017 11h32
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